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Please give us as much information as possible below: include your name and business, which design the license is for and what item from the list below; this is for the creation of your license which will be emailed to you within 7 days.
Please click to confirm you have read the T&C's listed within the product description and agree to all terms.


1 ) Terms of License:

1.1 ) All licenses are only held for the specified person to use within their specified business/company name. Any changes need to be notified with Bear & Rue Illustrations.

1.2 ) This License only applies to one design and one item from the categories list below. You are required to state which design and which item from what category in the box provided.

1.3 ) The license for each specified item will have the same time period as the lease of the design for which the extended licence has been taken with no printing/quantity limits within this time frame. (Including Customs, fully exclusive and colourway exclusive designs.)

1.4 ) For extended licensing on NON EXCLUSIVE designs there will be no time limits on this license.

1.5 ) Please purchase multiple licenses if you have more than one design.

1.6 ) Please purchase multiple licenses if you require different items from the list below, for example if you require; ceramic cups and plastic cups these are two separate licenses.


Pantry: Ceramics, plastic and metal wear (separate materials need individual license) including;

tubs, bottles, plates, cups, mugs, bowls, cutlery.

Home Decor: prints, wallpaper, wall art.

Stationery: notebooks, pencil cases, stickers, flash cards.

Home accessories: clocks, lampshades, mats, rugs, shower curtains, towels, coasters, cushions.

Baby & Children accessories: (not under the clothing category) toys, bags, teething toys, play mats (non fabric), changing mats, baby baths, mobiles, plastic bibs.

Adult/ Mens/ Women's clothing and accessories.

Everyday accessories: phone cases, iPad cases, planners, keyrings, bags, shopping bags.


2 ) License Information:

2.1 ) You are required to contact us should any rebranding of your business occur. If we can not find any evidence of your business trading or these terms are misused in any way it may result in the end of contract for the license.

2.2 ) The License chosen is for printing/producing the design on your specified item within the above categories.

2.3 ) There will be no refunds for licenses should you change your mind or not use the license for its intended use as Bear & Rue Illustrations cannot be held accountable for the non use of a license.

2.4 ) This license is non transferable and owned only by the person and specified business.

2.5 ) Licenses do not give the permission to redistribute or sell the design tile in any way.

2.6 ) You are not permitted to sell the design or any element or part of the design tile on websites such as; creative market, zazzle, society 6, redbubble, contrado, etsy, spoonflower, or any third party selling platform or your own selling platforms.

2.7 ) Licenses are for the creation of the above items and sale of the products created within your own business.



If you don’t see something listed please get in touch before purchasing your license. Always purchase the design first and then the license as in the situation where an exclusive design comes available and the process requires you act quickly to purchase a design.


Please get in touch if you have any questions. Illustrations@bearandrue.com