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Emotions wooden set

Emotions wooden set

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Emotions Matching Game aims to bring the different types of emotions to the child.

The world of a small child is filled with many emotions that can often change very quickly. The puzzle was created to familiarise children with emotions and teach them to read the emotions of others. Children recognise fear, sadness, crying, boredom, joy and anger.

But also they can mix and match outside of the board to reveal their own feelings, once they’re recognised why not use the back side of the cards to draw their own emotions and what they look like!
Roll the dice and encourage your child to use the puzzle pieces to create the correct face with the right expression.
The kit includes:
– Base dimensions 240x200x8mm
– Six smiley faces with emotions 4mm thick and 180mm in diameter
– A dice with emotions measuring 56x56x56mm
– Cards with the individual emotions (paper weight: 300, paper type: glossy)
Manufactured by SkumajTo.
CE varnish used during production process.
Suitable for children 3+