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CVC Solid Oak Writing Learning Resource

CVC Solid Oak Writing Learning Resource

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The Creative ways we adapt to while teaching our children can be paramount to their learning and understanding.

Our brand new CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) learning blocks are a creative, visual and interactive learning aid!

Complete with hand painted design, consisting of painted vowels in the centre space and two chalk board spaces either side, A, E, I, O and U plus a bonus side with 3 chalk board spaces for adapting your child’s writing and developing using vowels in other spaces!

Set includes 3x Double Sided Oak Blocks. Approx size: 8 inches length x 3 inches tall and 20mm thickness.

Big enough to add more letters too! But enough space for those young learners starting out!

Solid Oak wood treated with a beautiful organic vegan wood butter (with super gorgeous Sicilian Lemons)

Chalk Pen not included.