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We have a huge amount of wooden products that are hand painted; the below products are all double sided too, so don’t forget you get two sayings per item...


1.  Select either an individual disc, rainbow or balloon that you would like. -Alternatively you can pick a pack for multiple items. The main thing to remember when selecting is if you would like any personalisation such as names, dates, locations - any personal information, please make sure you select the personalised option and not the generic products, generic means anything else, song lyrics, quotes or any sayings made up by you but does not include personal info.

2.  Select from the drop down list the type of disc you would like. We offer 5 different finishes for our discs.

           - Plain

           - Stained dark

           - White Wash

These come in 3 sizes. 

           - Standard 11.5cm

           - Medium 11.5inches

           - Large 22inches

All come with either arrow or leaf laser cut detail.

And then

           - Solid Oak

           - Solid Walnut

Note: the bottom 2 options (Oak and walnut) are solid beautiful hand shaped wood and do NOT come with any laser detail cut out.


There are 3 options for rainbows. 

           - Plain

           - Stained dark

           - White Wash

These come in 3 sizes. 

           - Mini 10cm high

           - Medium 15cm high

           - Large 30cm high


There are 3 options for balloons 

           - Plain

           - Stained dark

           - White Wash

These are 12cm x 16cm in size.


Multiple packs; design your own packs of discs, rainbows or balloons also have the option to add a stained or white wash option; remember you can mix and match and have a completely unique pack for the extra fee of £5 (remember to add this option to your cart from the drop down menu too) then continue to write which sayings you would like on stained, white wash and/or plain in the notes at checkout.

3.  Add your products to your cart.

4.  When you have finished browsing everything on offer head to checkout!

5.  In the notes section, if you have chosen our standard discs please write which laser detail you would like if applicable. If a preference is not given, you will be sent a random choice subject to stock.

6.  Write in the same notes section what sayings you would like in a format similar to the example below. And don’t forget to add which discs you would like your sayings on;


Live, Laugh, Love / Look for magic in every day (stained)

Love your world/ two months old (white wash)

You are so very loved/ beautiful baby boy (plain wood)

(All with leaf laser cut out)


We recommend between 6 and 8 words on a standard disc, mini or medium rainbow and balloons. If you have any questions about a longer quote, please contact us to confirm it can be done.

If only one saying is written down, we will always send your products with another relevant random quote on the reverse.


Please make sure you check what you have requested is what you want before going to the payment screen as changes may not be possible.


Businesses; if you are a business and require a logo disc please do contact us via the contact page or via Instagram with an image of your logo, Nikki will need to check she is able to recreate and paint your specific design before confirming your order.


7.  If you have ordered oak or walnut letter blocks, or oak letters remember to write which letters you would like. If there is a combination you would like but the number of letter options isn't available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

8. Hit the checkout button to proceed with delivery details and payment.

9. Eagerly await your Bear & Rue delivery which should be dispatched within 2-3 weeks. Ready to post items- please allow up to 5 working days. 



What Goes Into The Production of Our Hand Painted products?


Our discs are plain natural birch wood, with the option to stain in either white wash or dark stain.

Dark Stain

The stain we use is non toxic, eco friendly and is applied using a microfibre cloth. Once the first staining has dried, another coat maybe required to reach the desired finish.

White Wash

For this process we use a primer & undercoat paint. We always use two brushes, 1 for quick coverage and a second to smooth is all out.

Once the white wash has dried, we sand down each side ready to paint on the design.


Before painting can begin, Nikki designs your requested designs digitally, make them into a stencil design before machine cutting each stencil.

Personalised designs are personal to you and cannot be reused, which is why these designs cost slightly more than any generic quotes. With the exception of our solid oak and walnut discs - these are a set price for either personalised or generic.


Once each stencil has been cut, an adhesive is applied to keep the stencil in place while painting.

The placement of the stencil is important to make sure accuracy of the design central to the product.

Only after all of this can painting begin; the amount of paint there is on the brush is important as you don't want it to leak under the stencil and merge the design.

Constant circular movements are used to create an even coverage and to ensure all areas of the stencil are filled.

At this point we remove the stencil to reveal the design and Nikki adds in by hand all the finer details finishing off every product by free hand. The more complex the design, the more rectifications can be required. These can include painting in missing letters, removing small amounts of paint that has leaked and filling in small detail.


The hand painted item is then complete and left to dry before being packaged in our compostable protective sleeves ready to be sent to you.


By 2020 all our products will be sent in 100% recycled or recyclable products, no plastic, or compostable packaging! We love the planet here at Bear & Rue!


Please be aware that all our products are currently for decoration purposes only. Non of our products have been CE tested and therefore are for decoration. Although all of our materials are non toxic please don’t allow children to place into their mouths, all our products are FSC certified wood from sustainable sources, due to their natural nature there may be splintering, or sharp edges so please do be careful when handling.


Every item is hand painted with love by me. Every order means the world. With the occasional help from family, my husband and even my little Rue (who loves putting stickers on your boxes) we bring you this little family business, we love our customers so thank you for supporting our family,

Much love Nikki xxx