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Wilderness Wildflower Press

Wilderness Wildflower Press

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Bear & Rue Style Wilderness Explorer's Flower Press.

In the typical Bear & Rue style the brand new flower press is the perfect accompaniment to our nature collector carry disc.

Your little explorers can now go out hunting treasures from nature then come home and preserve their collections in this hand painted press, available in the options 'My' or 'Our' for bigger families, please choose from the drop down menu.

Made from our raw birch wood, Approx 185mm x 200m 6mm thickness x2 panels.

Leaf cut out design with holes for the bolts that joins the two panels together.


2x Hand Painted Wood panels

3x Bolts, 3x wing nuts, 6x washers

You will need: cardboard and absorbent paper to layer and sandwich your flowers.