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Written in the Stars | Hanging Nursery Decor Wooden Stars | Positive Affirmations

Written in the Stars | Hanging Nursery Decor Wooden Stars | Positive Affirmations

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Please leave your details here; include Name, and all affirmations (if applicable):
Stock is limited but we will always try to match the cord with your preffered colour choice. Tan is the lighter colour brown in the images.

Written in the stars...

Our brand new hanging decor comes complete with faux suede cord ready for hanging in choice of tan or taupe.

All hand painted with the letters of your choice of name and in a choice of stained or plain! Single stars will have the leaf detail as standard - please let us know if you would rather no leaf cut out design! Single stars will be available with just the initial and you can choose to add their name or positive affirmations on the reverse side!

Then we offer them in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 letter names all with the choice of adding positive affirmations on the reverse.

As standard the first initial of each name (only) will have leaf cut out detail. Please let us know if you would prefer no leaf cut out detail. Please also request ‘All Leaf’ if you would like all stars to have leaf cut out.

Positive Affirmations; in our society and our world today we feel it’s so very important to build up our littles helping them develop into strong characters. You can now choose to add positive affirmations to the reverse side of your stars. Please note that a 3 letter name can only have a maximum of 3 affirmations, the amount of affirmations match the amount of stars.

Due to the stars being quite small we can only squeeze on words up to around 9 letters like ‘Important’ but these words will appear smaller than short words such as ‘Kind’

Stars size: 5x5 inches point to point. Hanging length will vary depending on length of name and how many stars. But approximately the 5 star name will hang around 20 inches long.

You can choose from the list below or add in your own in the box provided!

Affirmations to choose from;

I am (name)

I am Me

I am Kind

I am Happy

I am Grateful

I am Thankful

I have Courage

I am Honest

I am Creative

I am Humble

I am Strong

I am Helpful

I am Loved

I am Brave

I am Enough

I am Clever

I am Valued

I am Unique

I am Amazing

I am Talented

I am Important

I am Protected

I am Worthy

I have a Voice

I am Blessed

I am Confident

I am Capable

I can Dream

I Believe

I can Listen

I am Funny

I am Free

I am Wild

I am Positive

I am Resilient

(Please note you can request different affirmations from the list above)