Room with a view!

At last! We are in our new studio! And what a view, we are so excited about our new work space we wanted to share it with you in our very first blog!

We have been painting as a hobby for just over a year, Bear & Rue's first birthday just gone (4th July) but we have been painting and selling our stunning jewellery now for a few months. Working at my house, Bobbi's house and mums house has been, well, challenging to say the least! Balancing primed wooden boards on tins of beans, garden peas and rice pudding daily has been eventful not to mention the homemade twine washing line tied from light to light across my mums kitchen to hang all our freshly cut stencils up on to! Oh and I can't forget Edwin (our brother)'s music room that we completely took over and made into our own storage/pearly HQ where we would go live from every week opening oysters! (We no longer do this now) ..So to say we are excited about this big move is definitely an understatement!

Our new studio will not only provide the space we need or the area in which to work from but a place of creative inspiration- I mean have you seen the view! Located within The Palace Hub directly on Redcar seafront our studio is our new special place full of natural light perfect for our paintings and we also have 24 hour access, 52 weeks a year! Meaning we can work when it suits us and around our babies. Perfect!

Our babies are most important to us so to build up this business and now move into our very own studio means so much to us and we feel extremely proud of our journey. Without you, our customers though we wouldn't be able to do it! So thank you, thank you for your custom but thank you more for your support especially on our live Facebook feeds! Let the adventure continue @ Studio 13! Nikki xo


To say thank you for reading our very first blog here's 10% off on our website when you use code: studio13


Stay tuned our next blog post will be up shortly! Much Love Nikki xo